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Covid-19 Response

Initially, we reached out to professionals affected adversely by Covid-19 to offer our help and advice and also highlighted some great people to our network on video
as a good will gesture.

Then, we opened up a networking event in a virtual pub, every Friday afternoon during the period of lock down in Queensland. The Winchester Tavern. For Industry
professionals to share advice over a beer.

Now as the dust starts to settle and restrictions ease hopefully the pipeline of projects will come back on line and we can all get on with the new normal.

Construction-Recruitment is working on a 1% fee structure for new retained roles taken on until August 2020.

Fee structure after the first placement then reverts back to just 5% for retained roles, 8% contingency.

Low cost contract services and solutions are offered for office or site delivery roles.

We provide our clients and the candidates we represent a useful, time saving, video technology that helps add value at every stage of the recruitment process.

Since we launched in January, we have successfully completed 3 x retained assignments and another exclusive role for valued clients but we are a new business and we
are keen to take on new business.

As our activity suggests there are still critical positions out there that have to be filled and if you need our help with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach